Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker


Randy shares his Biohacking of the Mind in this exciting new Keynote.

It’s the product of decades of experience as an author, speaker, entertainer, entrepreneur, and success coach.

It’s an amazing array of non-stop fun and memorable lessons.

The Mind Hacker video is a fun display of some of Randy’s Mind Hacking skills as a coach and entertainer.

A description of the speech is below.

Presentation Highlights

Your audience will be captivated from the moment Randy hits the stage. Within minutes the entire audience is treated to an extraordinary personal experience of Mind Hacking. Every audience member will walk away with Mind Hacks they can immediately perform on themselves to achieve greater success.

Hack Your Mind for Success has 3 Main Learning Components.


“What you think, you become.” Gautama Buddha

Takeaway #1:
How to focus your thoughts to get what you want.


“When you pray, move your feet.” African Proverb

Takeaway #2:
How to leverage your past to create your future.


“To motivate others, share a story.” Randy Charach

Takeaway #3:
How to tell engaging stories to build your business.

Randy is a proven expert and best-selling author.

Here’s an example of a presentation on Customer Service, based on Randy’s book called CLIENT CENTRIC.

Randy also speaks on SUCCESS, and can provide CUSTOMIZED TOPICS and PRESENTATIONS.

These New York Times Best-Selling Authors Agree “CLIENT CENTRIC is a MUST READ”

“This powerful, practical book teaches the inner game of success, how to unlock your sales potential how to make more sales, faster easier than ever before.”
Brian Tracy, Author of Advanced Selling Skills

“A mind-expanding book explaining the secrets of hypnotic influence. Easy reading, easy to implement, and easy to get more sales with it.”
Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of Hypnotic Writing

“Anyone doing business in our new economy will benefit from these lessons. Simple ways to leverage your customer’s experience to generate a lot more business.”
Joel Comm, Author of Twitter Power

“I encourage anyone wishing to apply millionaire thinking to their business to read Client Centric. It provides a unique approach to marketing and wealth building.”
T. Harv Eker, Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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