Randy Charach
is a Producer, Performer, and
Mind Hacker.

Producer and Actor

Randy has over 50 feature film producer credits on IMDb. He is a busy producer and actor. Randy is constantly involved in several projects at varying stages of production in various locations throughout the world.

Speaker and Author

Randy has authored dozens of self-help and success programs. He has also written several marketing and business books, such as Client Centric. Randy speaks at pubic and corporate events on a variety of topics, including Mind Hacking for Success.

Entertainer and Emcee

Randy is the Host and Emcee for an Internationally recognized Canadian performance troupe, represented by BAM! Baird Artists Management Inc. He also performs as a celebrity guest emcee, host and entertainer at high-end corporate events.

Entrepreneur and Marketer

Randy is a successful entrepreneur and marketer. He speaks Internationally, teaching success principles from stage and through his coaching programs. He has a portfolio of online businesses, such as INCOME.ca, Canada’s leading Personal Finance Website.

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